Cléante Sabatié

About me

21 years / Bordeaux / Student

Second year master student. In the field of Foreign Languages, Management and Business. Fond of new technologies, teaching and pedagogy. I like theater, reading and computer science. Always prone to learn new things!


Event Management

Event Management is a task that requires skills in many domains, such as Project Management, Communication, Marketing, and also Leadership and Social abilities. It's currently one of the main task of my master degree, with many experiences and activities to do on this field.


Discovered during an apprenticeship in 2019 a passion for pedagogy and teaching. Using the recognized French Method of FLE and it's variations of FOU, FOS, FOP and adding my personnality to it. Adapting myself based on the audience (age, level and goal). Using games and mnemonic when it's needed. Students loved me!

Project Management

Henry Mintzberg said "Management is, above all, a practice where art, science, and craft meet.". After pulling off a couple of projects, I cannot agree more. I've been essentially working on game development and community building projects as a Freelancer. I'm used to the Murphy Law and learned to minimize or nullify its consequences. I am also used to project and team management tools such as Gantt Project, Trello, GitHub and so on.


Studying and working abroad with people from various countries and cultures, as well a studying in interculturality taught me a lot about communication and international communication. I'm used to many techniques, might they be as old as billboards or more modern. A good communication should convey the good emotion to all the targetted people, no matter what culture, even if it means to fiddle each communication plan based on the country.

Conflict Management

No matter where you work or what you do, if a conflict starts, it is best to solve it and to know how to manage it. I've been thaught by professionals in Saint-Petersbourg in an extensive seminary how to negociate, how to come to a common ground and how to finally solve the conflict using many methods and many schools of conflict management, such as the Swedish and Russian methods.


I am fond of programming, I started more than 10 years ago in middle-school. I never took a single course but had to work with different languages such as Basic, C++, Python and Lua. HTML, CSS and PhP guy, but learned the basis of NodeJS this summer. I try to alway keep up with the newest technologies!

Working Experience

Avril 2019 - Juillet 2019

Alliance Française

Ufa, Russia

Successful apprenticeship in an Alliance Française in Russia. In which I thaught French, did conferences, private and in class courses using French Methods of FLE, FOU, FOS & FOP. From Level A1 to C1. Also revamped the website a bit and maintained the IT infrastructure.

2014 - Present


Brive-la-Gaillarde / Bordeaux, France

Sometimes do some Freelance in the field of IT, Community Management, Network & Database administration and programming. Small working experience in advertising. Mainly in the field of game development.